Tuesday, July 15, 2008

World's best selling phone handset

You might be thinking that world's best selling phone handset would be a mid-range Nokia or Sony Ericcson or Samsung or any other model. But you would be surprised to know that World's best selling phone handset is  Nokia 1100.

From Wikipedia:

The Nokia 1100 is a durable ultrabasic GSM mobile phone produced by Nokia with a 96 x 65 monochrome screen. It is targeted towards developing countries and users who do not require advanced features beyond making calls and SMS text messages, alarm clock, reminders, etc.

Over 200 million Nokia 1100 cellphones have been sold since its launch in late 2003, making it the world's best selling phone handset, as well as the best selling consumer electronics device in the world, beating Sony's Playstation 2 (125 million), Apple's iPod (170 million), Motorola's RAZR (100 million), and LG's Chocolate (10 million).

Source: Wikipedia

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