Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How To Open Files With Unknown File Extensions

Many a times you might have received files with unknown file extensions or downloaded the files with extension for which you don’t have a corresponding software.

A filename extension is a suffix to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the file format of its contents. While many file extensions like .txt, .doc, .xls, .png etc. are quite common on windows, many may not be aware of files with extensions such as .gan, .abt, .mpp and others.

When you double click such files, it bring up the unknown file dialog box, where you can choose to pick a program from a list, by choosing the radio button “Select the program from a list” and clicking “OK”. But if none of the appropriate programs to open the file are listed, use OpenWith.org which is extremely useful.

OpenWith.org is a database of free programs to open such unknown file extensions. It provides a desktop client that lets you search for free software that you can download, to open files of unknown file types.

Download OpenWith.org desktop tool

After installing this tool, whenever you right-click on a file you’ll  find, “OpenWith.org – How do I Open This?”. Click that and the tool searches for a suitable free program to open it. An active internet connection is required. If the program you want to use isn’t already installed, click on the Download link and voila! The program will be downloaded.

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Download iPhone 3.0 Firmware (Direct Links)

Apple released the new firmware 3.0 version for iPhone and iPods few days ago.This newer version OS has been designed to add some extra features which makes it worth to upgrade to iPhone 3.0 Firmware.

This firmware can be installed on all Apple iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch mobile phones.

Key Features of Apple iPhone 3.0 Firmware

  • MMS integration
  • Copy paste functionality added
  • Search contacts, emails, music, notes, SMS using Universal Search feature
  • Voice memo feature to record anyone’s voice
  • Improved calender feature with (calDAV)
  • Autofill username and password fields on iphone Opera browser
  • Share internet connection with your laptop or PC using internet tethering
  • A2DP support added
For a full list of features, check out the 100 new features in iPhone 3.0.

Download iPhone 3.0 Firmware

iPhone 2G OS Firmware 3.0
iPhone 3G OS Firmware 3.0

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Websites to find more Twitter friends

Whether you are searching Twitter to find more people to follow or you want to search for your friends, whom you might have missed especially if they joined later on, these websites will surely be of great help:-

twitter followers 1

Many of you might have used it and would agree with me that using Twubble is very easy. Just visit Twubble and click "find some friends". Input your login details and Twubble will begin fetching a list of friends. The friends are ranked by how many of your friends are following them. You can follow your newly found friends rite from Twubble interface!

Twits Like Me

twits like me

Twits Like Me helps you find other Twitter users who share your interests. Just, enter your username in the box provided and click "who is like me?". The service searches for other users who tweet about the same things you do.

Twitter Local

twitter followers 2

Twitter Local is a nice service that helps you find people using Twitter in or around a certain area. TwitterLocal is an Adobe AIR based application that allows you to filter Tweets by location. Just enter a city, state or zip and the range of miles around the area to search and Twitter Local will display the latest tweets from that area. TwitterLocal AIR Client requires Adobe AIR version 1.5.

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Download Bing.com wallpapers

As a follow up to my previous post on the images archive of Bing.com here is a software which allows to you to download the high resolution wallpapers Bing.

Bing wallpaper download

Bing downloader is a small (~10K) application written in C# which can download images from Bing.com and store in your local PC. All you need to do is just execute it everyday. In order to use Bing Downloader you need to have .NET Framework 3.5 installed.

Download Bing Downloader

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remove Orkut and Myspace Advertisements

Most of you must be a regular user of Orkut and / or MySpace. From the past few weeks, you may have noticed that Orkut has started showing ads on top of the pages. If these advertisements irritate you a lot, here is a ultra-light plugin for Firefox that removes the advertising banner from Orkut and MySpace.

Install Orkut and MySpace Advertising Remover! 1.0 (Firefox Only)

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Track mobile number india

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has divided India  into various cellular zones. The first four digits of the Mobile number is called MSC code. MSC stands for Mobile Switching Centre which is the equivalent of a Exchange in Fixedline. Telecom Authority allocates MSC to each operator according to their requirements.

You may want to track a mobile number just to know the operator and state name as some mobile operators offer Free Calls on the same network. Just visit wikipedia's webpage on Mobile telephone numbering in India to track any mobile number upto the level of its mobile operator and state (or zone). Alternatively, you may visit this website which claims to search over 76 crore Indian mobile number details and is frequently updated.

Let us know your thoughts too on such services and other frequently updated website which offers tracking mobile number in India.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Upgrade Windows 7 Beta To Windows 7 RC

All Windows 7 Beta versions are expiring automatically on July 1, 2009 at 00:00 hrs. If you have not already upgraded it to Windows 7 RC, it’s time to upgrade quickly. Make sure you have downloaded Windows 7 RC ISO image. Here are the required steps for upgrading from Windows 7 Beta To Windows 7 RC:

  1. Extract the Windows 7 RC ISO file. You can use Winrar for this and save the extracted files on your hard disk. There is no need to burn the ISO file to any DVD.
  2. Navigate to the extraction folder and search for cversion.ini file.
  3. Open cversion.ini in notepad or any other text editor.
  4. Change the value of MinClient to a lower one. You can change it to 7000 from 7100.
  5. Save the changes and close that notepad file.
  6. Run the set up file and upgrad to RC without any problems.

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Upload Files To The Multiple host For Free

Gazup allows to upload your files to multiple file hosts simultaneously. Gazup provides three options of uploading your file:

1. You can upload the file of maximum 100MB to their server directly.
2. You can also remote upload service (maximum of 5 files each of 100 MB). If you want to upload Rapidshare files, you need to have your own premium account.
3. You can upload the file via FTP server (ftp.gazup.com port 21).

Once your file is uploaded, their server rapidly mirror your file to other file hosts. On completion it will provide you the links to all other webshost.

RapidShare.com files up to 200mb
MegaUpload.com files up to 400mb
NetLoad.in files up to 400mb
FileFactory.com files up to 300mb
Easy-Share.com files up to 100mb
Badongo.com files up to 400mb
Hotfile.com files up to 400mb
2Shared.com files up to 400mb

Gazup even pays you for every unique upload. Try Gazup - Upload your files to Multiple hosts for Free

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remove Software Not Listed Under Add/ Remove Program

It may happen many a times that you install a program and it doesn't show up under Add/ Remove Program in Windows XP. This problem can occur if the program you installed creates a registry key name that is longer than 60 characters in length. Add/Remove Programs only lists program names it locates up to the point it encounters this situation. Follow the steps given to solve the problem:

1. Go to C:\Windows\Inf folder. In the right pane, scroll down to sysoc.inf. Open it with notepad. It will look like…

2. The word "HIDE" in an entry hides that application from your Add/Remove Programs dialog box. To add Pinball to the Add/Remove menu, delete the word HIDE from its entry. Leave the commas that surround it.

3. Save the file. Check for the new entries in the Add/Remove Programs dialog box after you restart your computer.

Alternate Method (when the programs are not in sysoc.inf file)

1. Right click the Program's shortcut/ Properties to gain the target path where the application folder is located. Delete the folder.

2. Go to Start/Run/Msconfig/Startup and make sure it is not listed or checked there. If so, uncheck it.

3. Remove the program listing from registry by going here: Start/Run/Regedit

For items that were in the Start menu, Programs, Startup folder:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupfolder. You'll find a subkey for each disabled item.

For items loaded from the Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg. Again, you'll find a subkey for each disabled item.

Again while in Regedit, navigate to this key:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications. If the program is listed, right click, delete.

4. Go to Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/File Types. If the program file type is listed, either use Change or Delete.

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100 new features in iPhone 3.0

Iphoneuserguide.com has compiled a large list of over 110+ new feature in iPhone 3.0 software. Some of the new features of 3.0 firmware includes:


1. Cut/Paste
2. Copy/Paste
3. Shake to undo/redo typing
4. Text selection for easy mass deletion
5. MMS
6. Landscape keyboard in Notes
7. Landscape keyboard in Mail
8. Landscape keyboard in Messages
9. Forward texts or picture messages
10. Delete individual texts or picture messages

11. Sending progress bar in Messages app moved to title instead of over the keyboard area (allows typing new message while the first one is sending)
12. USB tethering
13. Bluetooth tethering
14. Stereo bluetooth (A2DP)
15. Spotlight search (searches all app titles, mail, media, contact details, and calendar appointments)
16. Search in Notes
17. Search in Mail
18. Search in iPod
19. In-App purchases
20. Option to have double clicking the home button go to the Spotlight Search

You can read the full post Top 100 new features in iPhone 3.0 here.
Let us know your thoughts too on this new features!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twitter vocabulary for newbies

Twitter has been popular for a long time but if you have joined in recently, you might be wondering what is RT, what are hashtags etc. as you see that people use them. Actually, there is a need to learn a whole new set of vocabulary in order to fully take advantage of the service. Here are a few terms which will guide the new tweeters.


Someone who posts a message on Twitter.

FTW - For the win
Known more for a celebratory remark left at the end of the tweet, the acronym “FTW” is basically saying that something rocks, a person has come through in a clutch, or someone or something has saved the moment/day.

RT - Retweet

A retweet is basically tweeting someone’s previous tweet with @ symbol and his/her username. RTs are done because you find it interesting that you would like to share with your friends and followers. Attribution of the tweet to the original tweeter is needed.


Hashtags are phrases or keywords that can be used to monitor who is saying what about a particular topic. Standards for hashtags are one word (#Conference) or multiple words strewn together without any spaces (#EventConferenceTheme).

DM - Direct Message

Direct messaging is the way on Twitter for you to send private messages. The only way to send DMs is if the recipient is following you & for them to respond with a DM, you would need to be following them.


Fail is the slang term that can be used to mean that something or someone has failed to meet expectations. For example, going to see a movie or to an event with lot of expectations only to be disappointed? You might tweet your disappointment followed by the word “Fail”.

Twitter handle

This is the name that designates someone on Twitter. When someone asks what your Twitter handle is, this means they are asking for your username. For example, my twitter hand is techack.

URL Shortener

Since Twitter only allows 140 characters, every single character counts. URL Shortener allow you to post weblinks more efficiently and some will even offer tracking capability that you can see how many twitter followers click on the link. TinyURL, Bit.ly and is.gd are some famous URL Shorteners.

If you have few other Twitter terms in your mind, do let me know via comments.

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Download Microsoft Security Essentials (Morror) Anitvirus

Recently Microsoft announced Microsoft Antivirus which is a free antivirus employed to fight against virus, trojans and malicious worms populating your Windows Computer. Though Microsoft didn’t release this security essentials (Code named as Morro Antivirus) but, there is a free download available for everyone – though not on the Microsoft website!

Here are the links to Download the Morro Antivirus:

Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-Bit: Download [Rapidshare] | Download [Direct Link]
Windows Vista & Windows 7 32-Bit: Download [Rapidshare] | Download [Direct Link]  
Windows XP 32-Bit: Download [Rapidshare] | Download [Direct Link]

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Mozilla Service Week

Mozilla is celebrating the first ever Mozilla Service Week from 14th to 21st of September, 2009. The theme of the service week is to make a difference by using the Web for the betterment of the community. Mozilla believes that everyone should have the opportunity to know how to use the Internet and use it well.

The goal is to empower people to:

  • Teach senior citizens how to use the Web.

  • Show a non-profit how to use social networking to grow its base of supporters.

  • Install a wireless network at a school.

  • Create Web how-to materials for a library’s computer cluster.

  • Refurbish hardware for a local computer center. 

  • Visit Mozilla Service Week Website.

    Bing Image Archive

    Long Zheng of istartedsomething has created an archive of the photographs that are used as Bing’s backgrounds. They are some of the best looking photos you’ll see.

    Created like a calendar, it archives the daily images from the United States version of Bing as well the international images. The US images also show the hotspots that are shown on the Bing homepage.

    A must website, if the photos used for Bing interest you or if you are a Big Bing Fan. Do check out the funny footer on the website  too!

    Visit Bing Image Archive

    Wikipedia As A Printed Book

    The English edition of Wikipedia Encyclopedia contains around 3 million articles as of now and if someone were to print the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia into a book, the size of that book would roughly be equivalent to 952 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Rob Matthews, a student in UK has actually converted 0.01% of the Wikipedia encyclopedia into a printed book. See some pictures below:

    This Wikipedia book has some 5,000 pages and it’s a compilation of 400+ featured articles all picked from Wikipedia. The height of this book is about 1ft 7in.

    Thanks to Amit for the pictures.

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Unstoppable Copier recovers scratched CDs DVDs

    Unstoppable Copier is a nicy and small utitlity that recovers files from disks with physical damage. It allows you to copy files from disks with problems such as bad sectors, scratches or that just give errors when reading data. The program will attempt to recover every readable piece of a file and put the pieces together. Using this method most types of files can be made useable even if some parts were not recoverable in the end. The program is tiny, and it needs no installation.

    Download  Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier 3.56

    Update Portable Firefox

    HowToGeek has a nice tutorial telling how to update Firefox portable version using the regular .exe file from Mozilla.


    Double click the .exe file to get the install process started and click “Next”.

    Once the second window appears, you will need to select “Custom” and deselect “Use Firefox as my default browser”. Click “Next”.

    The third window will show the default install location for Firefox. Here you will need to click “Browse” and locate the home folder for your portable browser.

    Once you locate your portable browser’s home folder, you will need to browse deeper into it to find the location to install to. Look for and select the folder named “Firefox” located in the “App” folder. Click “OK”.

    The next window shows the options for shortcuts, deselect all three and click “Next”.

    The final window should only display the install location for your portable. Now you are are ready to install and have your portable Firefox updated to the newest version.

    Once you have finished installing the update, make certain to deselect “Launch Firefox now”. Click (or double-click) your portable Firefox shortcut and have fun!

    You can read the full post here along with the screenshots.