Saturday, July 05, 2008

Convert any web page into an RSS feed quickly

Feed43 is a useful service that converts any web page to RSS feed. If your favorite web site is not providing you RSS feed to keep up to date with the news, feed43 will do that for you.

Feed43 engine converts free-form HTML or XML documents to valid RSS feeds by extracting snippets of text or HTML by means of applying search patterns, and then joining these snippets together using output templates to form user-friendly content of feed's items. The principle of extracting specific data from source documents is also known as “HTML scraping”. From the website :
The procedure of setting up a feed is the following:
  1. Find a web page with the content that interests you.
  2. Create a new feed on our site, which points to that web page.
  3. In feed parameters, define search patterns and output templates for this feed, and get the link to your feed.
  4. Subscribe to this feed using your favorite feed reader (aggregator).
  5. Optionally, protect your feed with password so no one could alter it.
Once the feed is set up, the service works as follows:
  1. Your feed reader sends request to our server to download the feed.
  2. Feed43, in it's turn, downloads the original source URL, processes it, converts to valid RSS feed on the fly, and returns it to feed reader application.
  3. Feed reader displays the contents of this feed to you.

Well you don't need above service if you want to subscribe to our feed. Simply use the button provided on left pane for subscribing to Techack Blog feed.

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  1. Cool stuff! btw, also checkout Feedity - - I use it a lot these days for creating custom RSS feeds from various webpages. It is simple to use and gives great results. Hope it helps! Chao :)