Friday, July 04, 2008

No more CAPTCHA in rapidshare, the 12th most popular site [via Alexa], and the most most popular file hosting site on the planet has finally,for the goodness of the eyes of common being, bid farewell to its notorious CAPTCHA.

This news is big owing to the status of rapidshare. They say rapidshare is a goldmine if you learn to use it wisely and efficiently. Many people prefer it over torrents and p2p apps like Limewire.

Personally, I too had a tough time cracking their CAPTCHA.

Free users can now upload or download files upto 200 Mb in size. Though, they have limited the download speed for free users to 500 kilo bits/sec to compensate for the automated downloading that will result from removal of CAPTCHA. But again, they have eliminated waiting period between two downloads for free users.Though you will still have to see a 25 sec refractory period prior to every download if you are a free user.

Premium users can now download upto 10 GB/day[w.e.f. 26 June,2008]. If they are unable to use their allowed usage, their remaining usage is carried forward to the next day, the maximum accumulation limit being 50 Gbs.

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