Thursday, December 15, 2005

Firefox users beware

Computer users who have not upgraded to the latest version of Firefox have to do so in order to remain safe, thanks to a hacker named Aviv Raff.

He has published a sample code
erabilityNewExploit.aspx) that could be used to take over the computers of Firefox
users running version 1.0.4 or earlier of the browser. The exploit takes advantage of a known bug ( in the way that Firefox processes the popular Javascript Web programming language.

This bug is patched in latest version of Firefox. So you may download Firefox + Google Toolbar from the right sidebar of this Blog using the button below Google Ads.

Windows Live Messenger Beta

Beta testers are slated to get the first Windows Live Messenger beta bits according to
Microsoft. Windows Live Messenger is the new name for MSN Messenger. Let's see this new
product of Microsoft and also if it can compete with Yahoo, AOL and Google Talk!

Opera User's Face in Times Square

Opera has announced that they will be putting one lucky user's face up in Times Square
during the New Year's Eve celebrations. The ABC SuperSign will display the winner of
Opera's most recent contest that only requires a submission of your picture and the
reason why you should be chosen as their New Year's mascot.

WOW! So who will be the lucky one who will be chosen as New Year's mascot?

Webhost Sues Google

Webhost company AIT has decided to file a class action lawsuit against the internet giant Google. According to the article the dispute is over click fraud. AIT claims they have lost around $500,000 due to fraudulent clicks. They claim that Google is hitting their website from 'the same IP addresses.

Well, this story is really amazing. Till now, Google was catching fraudent clicks and now AIT is saying that Google is responsible for the fraud clicks on their site!
Bad Luck Google

Help crack the Java 1.6 Classfile Verifier

A great opportunity for all those cracks out there. As part of the development of Mustang (Java 1.6), Sun is developing a new, smaller and faster classfile verifier which they want your help in trying to break.

According to VP Graham Hamilton puts - As part of Mustang we will be delivering a whole new classfile verifier implementation based on an entirely new verification approach. The classfile verifier is the very heart of the whole Java sandbox model, so replacing both the implementation and the basic verification model is a Really Big Deal. The new verifier is faster and smaller than the classic verifier, but at the same time it doesn't have the ten years of reassuring shakedown history that we have with the classic verifier.

You can join the new Crack the Verifier initiative to if you think you can break it. So go and get your hands wet.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Yahoo Has Highest Number of Visitors

Yahoo Inc. continues to lead the portal market in the number of unique visitors. The Sunnyvale, company led the top 10 Web sites among U.S. home and work Internet users with 101.3 million visitors in August.

EMarketer Inc., said. Second was Microsoft Corp.'s site with 95.6 million, followed by its MSN portal, 92.1 million; Google, 80.4 million; America Online Inc., 75.7 million; EBay Inc., 55.2 million; MapQuest, 39 million;, 37.6 million, RealNetworks, 36.4 million; and the Weather Channel, 31.2 million.

Great going Yahoo!

Yahoo! buys

Yahoo continues with its Web 2.0 makeover. Yahoo Inc. has acquired, a New York-based startup that is considered a pioneer in social bookmarking, a type of online service that lets users save, annotate and tag their favorite Web pages and share their lists with other users.

"Together we'll continue to improve how people discover, remember and share on the Internet, with a big emphasis on the power of community," founder and Chief Executive Officer Joshua Schachter wrote in his company's official blog.

Let's see how this deal makes an impact on Yahoo.