Friday, July 01, 2011

Invite Friends to Google Plus

google plus

Google Plus has undoubtedly been the buzz this week and it definitely looks promising. Though nothing can be said about tags like "Google Plus is the Facebook Killer" at such a preliminary stage when barely anyone is using it.
If you have an invite to Google Plus, here are the steps to invite your friends as well:

1.If you want to invite your Facebook friends into Google Plus, import your Facebook contacts into Yahoo Mail or into Hotmail. For this, you need to connect Facebook with your Hotmail or Yahoo account.

2. Now, go to Google Plus and click on the “Circles”.

3.Create a new circle to add your friends into.

4. Drag all of the people you want to be added into that group.

BONUS TIP: Go the the Google Plus Home section.

Write a status update and tag your friends (using @friendname) you want to invite to Google Plus. This ensures that they get an email invitation within the next 20 minutes.

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