Monday, July 21, 2008

Become a Firefox extension Editor

Mozilla is looking for editors for the extensions to its popular browser Firefox. The release of Firefox 3 caused an onslaught of new/updated extensions to get submitted to the site, and they just can’t keep up with the vast quantity of submissions. As of yesterday there were 215 extension updates waiting to get published, and another 461 extensions that are waiting to make their way out of the sandbox.

You can also become a Firefox extension Editor, if you have spare time and want to help others.

How do I become an editor?

These are the necessary steps involved:

  1. Read the Editors' Guide completely.
  2. Begin testing sandbox extensions and writing reviews of them. Do not skip this step! Mozilla will look over the reviews you have done in the sandbox.
  3. When you feel you have enough experience with how the site works, send an email to amo-editors at with the subject "AMO Editor Application" and the below information.
  4. Please be patient for a response. They will request that at least 2 existing editors or admins look over your reviews and vouch for you.
 Visit this website for more details.

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