Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Install Flash Player on Google Chrome

Google Chrome does not support flash based websites or flash contents. If you want to run flash files on Google Chrome, you have to manually configure it with flash plugin for Chrome. Here are the instructions for installing Flash Player on Google Chrome:
  1. Download flash player for Windows.
  2. Rename the downloaded file to
  3. Extract the Zipped file to a folder.
  4. Select and copy flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll from the extracted folder.
  5. Navigate to Google Chrome plugins folder. Normally, it is C:/Documents and settings/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/Plugins
  6. Paste both copied files in Google Chrome plugins directory.
  7. Restart Google Chrome.
You can now open and run flash contents on Google chrome.

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Download Harry Potter And Half-Blood Prince Movie

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

Don't be shocked seeing the title of this post, TechacK is not offering this movie for download. In fact, this post is to warn users about such titles being used by malware authors to cash-on the upcoming release of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

Cyber criminals are doing mass-level Search Engine Optimizations targeting Harry Potter fans. They hide their malicious codes inside fake downloads which offer full length pre release version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie. Other websites lure users to click on a link which leads them to another website asking to install their streaming codec to watch the leaked version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince online for free. But this streaming codes is actually a malware and opens your computer for trojans and viruses attack.

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

Just wait for the release of the movie and go and watch in at a theater near you, instead of getting infected by viruses and trojans.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Samsung NC20 netbook review

Samsung had announced the launch of Samsung NC20 netbook, the successor of the NC10, in early 2009 and finally it has hit Indian markets. The Samsung NC20 is larger than NC10 yet the design is quiet similar (view the image and judge yourself).

The netbook has 12.1 inch LCD providing 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. The screen is brighter and crisper than most netbooks in the market and it will surely make your Web browsing experience and casual gaming an absolute joy. Other feautres of the NC10 is the use of the more powerful 1.6GHz VIA Nano U225 processor and VIA Chrome 9 HC3 Graphics. It means that Samsung NC20 netbook can play Full HD (1080p) video without any problems. Another striking feauture is the high capacity battery. The company claims that once fully charged, Samsung NC20 can last for upto 10 hours, making it an ideal netbook for my next long flight. This has been possible due to the use of power efficient Nano processor.

Samsung NC20

However, I was a bit puzzled seeing the Windows button on the right as well as the size of the arrow keys and the function keys being slightly smaller than the rest.

Thanks to its full-size keyboard with optimal key spacing, the Samsung NC20 is a highly portable device that blurs the line between netbooks and laptops. In short, all these features at an attractive price makes Samsung NC20 one of the best all-round netbooks.

If you own this product or have seen it at a dealer's shop, do let us know your thoughts on Samsung NC20 and your experiences with it by commenting below.

Third party review can be found here.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Windows Live Planet by Microsoft

After Bing, Microsoft has launched Windows Live Planet which is a new social networking site designed primarily to take on Orkut and Facebook. Windows Live Planet is similar to most of the other social networks, but is totally different in design and the User Interface as evident from the screenshot.

Windows Live Planet

Most of the features on Windows Live Planet are fast due to the use of AJAX. You can invite your friends from other social networks or directly email the invite. You can sign in to Windows Live Planet using your Hotmail / Windows Live. Windows live messenger is integrated with Live Planet, similar to Google Talk being linked with Orkut, and you will automatically get signed in to your messenger as soon as you login on this site.

The Scribble Pad is similar to Scrapbook feature in Orkut but each scribble can be up to 150 characters in length. It means they are even incorporating Twitter's features. So,

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Google Chrome OS What to expect

Google has already announced that it is going to build Google Chrome OS. This Operating System is being designed especially for small netbooks and notebooks. I don't think that one should expect it to be a Windows killer straight away. Possibly, not in the next 5 years. Here are some features you can expect in Google Chrome OS:

    Google Chrome OS
  1. Pre-Bundled with Google Desktop Search and other Google products.
  2. Serving contextual ads in every folder. :D
  3. Presence of the “I am feeling lucky”button. (How can you forget it!)
  4. All the Microsoft product will be marked as suspicious. :P
  5. Google Chrome OS will be in Beta stage till 2020 (or maybe even more) =))
    What features do you think it will have besides those mentioned above? Let us know via comments.

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    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    Download Norton AntiVirus 2010 and Norton Internet Security 2010 Beta With Activation Key

    Norton Internet Security 2010 And Norton AntiVirus  2010 is now available for public downloading, the new version is much faster and lighter then previous versions.

    New And Improved Features In NIS / NAV 2010 Public Beta includes:

       1. Performance Enhancements.
       2. Improved Norton Insight - Norton Insight now also provides information on prevalence, age, and runtime performance data.

       3. Now supports Windows 7 including Teredo and Home Groups.
       4. Download Insight is a new line of defense against the introduction of untrusted applications on your system. Download Insight monitors new application or installer downloads, automatically analyzes and classifies the application using the Quorum technology, and provides you with a trust rating for the application before allowing the application or installer to execute.
       5. Completely re-written SONAR behavioral protection technology.
       6. Power saving options are available that helps conserve battery power by only running non-critical when on AC power.
       7. Improved Silent mode now detects automatic detection of CD/DVD burning and media recording applications with options for user-defined applications that will trigger Quiet Mode.
       8. New Anti Spam engine now uses world’s leading Symantec Brightmail technology.

    Download Norton Internet Security 2010 And Norton AntiVirus 2010  public beta with 14 day free trial activation registration key here. You will receive your trial key by E-Mail.

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    Free upgrade to Windows 7 by HP and Lenovo

    Windows 7 is promising to be a much better update over Vista. Windows 7 is scheduled to ship October 22, 2009. Lenovo and HP, world’s biggest computer makers have started offering free Windows 7  upgrade to those who buy new PCs.  Lenovo will provide upgrades to Vista installed PC newly bought between June 26, 2009 and January 31, 2010 whereas HP recommends to visit their site for eligibility

    Otherwise, People with Vista or XP have to pay $119 and $199 respectively to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional editions.

    HP's term and conditions for free upgrade to Windows 7 include:

    Your PC must be purchased between June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010
    One of the following Windows Vista versions must be factory-installed on your PC:
        * Windows Vista Home Premium
        * Windows Vista Business
        * Windows Vista Ultimate
    Your PC must be on the Eligibility Models list

    Visit for more details,
    Lenovo website
    HP Website

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    Wednesday, July 08, 2009

    Google Chrome OS

    It has been just nine months since Google launched its web browser Google Chrome and here is another exciting announcement from Google. Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010.

    They even comment on Microsoft as:

    “However, the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web.”
    Google Chrome OS is built to run on both x86 architecture chips and ARM chips, like the ones increasingly found in netbooks. It is also working with multiple OEMs to get the new OS up and running next year. Chrome OS will definately be lightweight and fast just like the browser itself and probably far better than Windows Vista, atleast!

    Chrome OS will be all about the web apps and no doubt HTML 5 is going to be a huge part of all of this. A lot of people are still wary about running web apps for when their computer isn’t connected to the web. But HTML 5 has the potential to change that, as you’ll be able to work in the browser even when not connected, and upload when you are again.

    Personally, I don't think Google Chrome OS will be a threat to Microsoft at the moment as Microsoft is already a big player in the market. But who knows what will happen when it is launched. Wake up Microsoft!

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    Monday, July 06, 2009

    Use Twitter to control PC

    With the increasing popularity of Twitter, it is finding many uses. Here is a complete new use of Twitter through which you can remotely control your PC. All you need for controlling your PC via Twitter is TweetMyPC.

    Installation and Usage
    • Download the setup file and Install.
    • Go to and create a new Twitter account for your PC (This is optional as TweetMyPC only responds for updates). This account will be used by TweetMyPC to monitor for new tweets
    • Start TweetMyPC and then fill in the login details. Wait for some time for the application to verify your login details.

     Here are some of its main features:
    # You can shutdown, lock, hibernate, or put the machine in standby.

    # Get a screenshot of your computer screen, and have it posted to Twitpic so that it can easily be viewed.

    # View and kill running processes.

    # Download files so that they are there when you get home.

    # Get a list of files inside of a directory on the computer.

    # Have it email you a document on your computer by providing the path. This only works with Gmail at the moment.

    TweetMyPC is a must have utility for any geek who wants to put their computer to work from the comfort of their phone.
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    Beware of Michael Jackson Virus

    After the death of the biggest pop artist Michael Jackson, the search for the term 'Michael Jackson' or 'Michael Jackson songs' has greatly increased on the web. The spammers are taking advantage of this and spreading malware and viruses over internet to capitalize on this trend.

    michael jackson

    Security researcher at Sophos have warned people against Jackson spam and viruses. This virus is spreading via email containing the subject line “Remembering Michael Jackson”. The email contains zip file claiming to have secret songs and photos of Michael Jackson. People download the file and their PCs get infected. The e-mail claims to come from

    This malware also spreads via USB devices. There is another email spreading viruses which claims to have the exclusive YouTube video of the last work of Michael Jackson.

    All the readers of TechacK should be very cautious and not open such kind of E-Mails.

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    Saturday, July 04, 2009

    Windows 7 Welcome screen for Windows Xp

    Windows XP users can now use this great looking Windows 7 Logon screen as their Welcome screen.

    • Go to C:\windows\resources
    • Create new folder and name it as Logon.
    • Now extract the Zip file in this folder.
    • Now go to widescreen or narrowscreen and copy the file “logonUI.exe” to Logon Folder.
    • Now run the setup.reg file and just logoff to see the effect.
    • Enjoy

    Download Windows 7 Logon Screen for XP

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    Friday, July 03, 2009

    Compare Google and Bing

    It has been just over a month now that Bing, the search engine from Microsoft was launched. You all must have given a shot to Bing. If you want to compare results from Bing and Google here are two websites which allow you to do so.

    Bing and Google

    Compare results from Bing and Google

    With you can have your search on both the search engines, Bing and Google, at a time and the results will be displayed side by side. This helps to compare the results and then you can decide which search engine you want to use.



    Compare results from Bing and Google

    Bingle allows to see both search engines results side by side and also switch to either of them with one click.

    Visit Bingle

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    Thursday, July 02, 2009

    Send Free Unlimited SMS from iPhone and iPod Touch

    iPhone and iPod Touch users can now send free unlimited SMS and group text messages. If you want to send free SMS worldwide without paying anything for this to your mobile service provider, you need to install TextPlus. TextPlus is a free application that connects your iPhone or iPod Touch with any available Wi-Fi network and allows you to send SMS for free.

    Free SMS for IPhone

    Another great advantage of TextPlus is that you can send SMS to anyone, they need not to use Apple products or install TextPlus. A must have app for all iPhone users.

    Download TextPlus and send free SMS from iPhone and iPod Touch