Saturday, June 27, 2009

Websites to find more Twitter friends

Whether you are searching Twitter to find more people to follow or you want to search for your friends, whom you might have missed especially if they joined later on, these websites will surely be of great help:-

twitter followers 1

Many of you might have used it and would agree with me that using Twubble is very easy. Just visit Twubble and click "find some friends". Input your login details and Twubble will begin fetching a list of friends. The friends are ranked by how many of your friends are following them. You can follow your newly found friends rite from Twubble interface!

Twits Like Me

twits like me

Twits Like Me helps you find other Twitter users who share your interests. Just, enter your username in the box provided and click "who is like me?". The service searches for other users who tweet about the same things you do.

Twitter Local

twitter followers 2

Twitter Local is a nice service that helps you find people using Twitter in or around a certain area. TwitterLocal is an Adobe AIR based application that allows you to filter Tweets by location. Just enter a city, state or zip and the range of miles around the area to search and Twitter Local will display the latest tweets from that area. TwitterLocal AIR Client requires Adobe AIR version 1.5.

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