Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update Portable Firefox

HowToGeek has a nice tutorial telling how to update Firefox portable version using the regular .exe file from Mozilla.


Double click the .exe file to get the install process started and click “Next”.

Once the second window appears, you will need to select “Custom” and deselect “Use Firefox as my default browser”. Click “Next”.

The third window will show the default install location for Firefox. Here you will need to click “Browse” and locate the home folder for your portable browser.

Once you locate your portable browser’s home folder, you will need to browse deeper into it to find the location to install to. Look for and select the folder named “Firefox” located in the “App” folder. Click “OK”.

The next window shows the options for shortcuts, deselect all three and click “Next”.

The final window should only display the install location for your portable. Now you are are ready to install and have your portable Firefox updated to the newest version.

Once you have finished installing the update, make certain to deselect “Launch Firefox now”. Click (or double-click) your portable Firefox shortcut and have fun!

You can read the full post here along with the screenshots.

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