Monday, June 22, 2009

Upload Files To The Multiple host For Free

Gazup allows to upload your files to multiple file hosts simultaneously. Gazup provides three options of uploading your file:

1. You can upload the file of maximum 100MB to their server directly.
2. You can also remote upload service (maximum of 5 files each of 100 MB). If you want to upload Rapidshare files, you need to have your own premium account.
3. You can upload the file via FTP server ( port 21).

Once your file is uploaded, their server rapidly mirror your file to other file hosts. On completion it will provide you the links to all other webshost. files up to 200mb files up to 400mb files up to 400mb files up to 300mb files up to 100mb files up to 400mb files up to 400mb files up to 400mb

Gazup even pays you for every unique upload. Try Gazup - Upload your files to Multiple hosts for Free

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  1. thanks pals,... there are less reader in my feed coz i'm never doing blogwalking and a lot of spam in my comments.

  2. Another Free Fast Multi Site File Uploader:
    You can upload music, video, photos, images, files, pdf, zip... to 12 Hots with only one click in seconds.
    Works well. Recommended.