Saturday, June 20, 2009

Download Microsoft Security Essentials (Morror) Anitvirus

Recently Microsoft announced Microsoft Antivirus which is a free antivirus employed to fight against virus, trojans and malicious worms populating your Windows Computer. Though Microsoft didn’t release this security essentials (Code named as Morro Antivirus) but, there is a free download available for everyone – though not on the Microsoft website!

Here are the links to Download the Morro Antivirus:

Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-Bit: Download [Rapidshare] | Download [Direct Link]
Windows Vista & Windows 7 32-Bit: Download [Rapidshare] | Download [Direct Link]  
Windows XP 32-Bit: Download [Rapidshare] | Download [Direct Link]

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  1. Love to try this, being a free version I don't think the performance will be the same as the commercial av i.e kaspersky

  2. You are right yazid. I feel that this product,at this stage, will be BitDefender plus a bit extra.