Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yahoo's New E-mail Service - Can it challenge G-Mail?

Yahoo was set to unveil on Wednesday a limited public beta of its new Yahoo Mail service, featuring a new desktop e-mail application-type interface and faster response time.

As first reported in June, the new Yahoo Mail beta features e-mail caching, message preview, drag-and-drop filing, the ability to quickly search e-mail headers, body text and attachments and the ability to view multiple e-mails at the same time in separate windows and scroll through all message headers in a folder rather than one page at a time.

In addition, the new version adds address auto-complete, right-click menus and standard keyboard shortcuts.

The beta will be available to a limited group of Yahoo Mail users in the United States and will be expanded to include users worldwide in coming months, Yahoo said. Users can choose to use the new version, stick with the older version, or switch between the two.

The amount of storage remains at 1 gigabyte for the free service. Let’s see if Yahoo can challenge G-Mail using this new e-mail service!

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