Saturday, September 03, 2005

Convert OGG to MP3 for free

I think that we have enough media file formats out there now. The other day I came across an audio file for a broadcast that I wanted to listen to in a .ogg file format. Not much use for an MP3 player, so I set about finding a solution.

The Ogg Vorbis format is, it turns out, a royalty free audio format that is superior to MP3. It offers better compression and it is supported on all platforms (PC, Mac, etc). However, my MP3 player only supports MP3 and WMA, so how do you go about converting the files?

For a royalty free file format, it's actually quite hard. I expected to be able to find a lot of free converters, but the majority are shareware. In the end I found Media Join. This is a batch conversion utility which is actually designed to join multiple audio files together, but can convert the file format as it does so.

The utility works simply by you selecting the files you want and then selecting an output file and the format for it. When you click on Join, you can also select the encoding level, so you can change the compression used.

The program, from the makers of Blaze Media Pro, worked perfectly, though we found the compression at high levels to be a bit poor quality. It can convert to and from OGG, MP3 and WMA, so it is a perfect solution for those with handheld players.

Chk the homepage your out and download form there

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