Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Windows Vista - Very expensive ?

Well as there is much hype and buzz over the forthcoming Microsoft's Windows Vista so here is my next post on it.

Windows Vista will cost too much for business to seriously considering upgrading. Most people who are going to utilize Windows Vista's high end features already have the systems capable of doing so, those who have older 1 to 1.x ghz processors will not be able to utilize Windows Vista high end graphics.

There is no cost justification for moving to Windows Vista which is total hogwash. Better security, better productivity, ease of management, ease of use, ease of deployment, better stability and reliability. All of which are paramount.

The only thing Microsoft has to fear is Mac OS X, when it hits the x86 platform, Microsoft will have a real job and will have to modify licensing and pricing.

Roberto says that Anyone who says any Linux distribution that is released today beats Windows Vista and or Mac OS X needs some very serious counseling.

Tell me your comments! Would you upgrade to it?

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