Saturday, September 03, 2005

Get Free DVD and Lotz of Books

Well I believe everyone wants things that come up to your free. So that what I did. I ordered a DVD, atleast 10-11 books and 4-5 posts form NATO's (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) website! To my surprise, I received my order just in 11 days.

Previously, I had ordered Win XP SP2 CD from Microsoft’s website but it came in 28 days and NATO'S service seems to be quite good. There were around 4 books and 8-9 newsletters telling the functioning and the achivements made by NATO so far. There were 4 posters. One was of Periodic table of elements, second was of important evets in history of NATO, third was a map containing names of the member countries and fourth was a collection of Venn Diagrams of member countries of important organizations.

Really, this is quite a good source for getting the knowledge about the working of NATO.

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