Sunday, December 20, 2009

Five Most Addictive Games On Facebook

Facebook is full of nice applications and some of the most additive online games. You will surely agree with me on it. Here I look at five most addictive games on Facebook which have millions of users playing them everyday.

#1 FarmVille
Farmville is the most popular game on Facebook by Zynga with over 11 million daily active users. FarmVille is a real-time virtual farming game released on Facebook in mid June.

In Farmville, you are given a land and some coins to start the game. You have to plow your land and plant crops to earn more coins and experience. When the crops are grown you harvest them to earn more coins. Use these coins to buy new seeds and other items from the market. As you progress through the game you collect ribbons yellow, white, red and blue ribbons for completing certain tasks. This earns you coins and experience.

#2 MafiaWars 
This is the second most popular game by Zynga, which was most popular before the release of Farmville. It has over 6.9 million daily users.

Mafia Wars

In MafiaWars you have to create your own Mafia from your friends on facebook. You earn money by doing jobs that can be used to buy better weapons. Doing these jobs and fights earn you experience and this experience helps in moving up to higher levels.

#3 Happy Aquarium
If you hate farming or Farmville, this game might interest you. With over 26 millions monthly users, Happy Aquarium by CrowdStar is one of the fastest growing games on facebook

In this game, you are given a fish tank and some coins to start your game. You can purchase your own fishes from the store and train them. The tank can hold 10 fishes initially but as you progress through the game, you can expand your tank by earning more coins. You need to feed your fishes daily. once your fishes become adult, you can mate the male and female fishes.

#4 Pet Society 
Pet Society

Pet Society is a game by PlayFish with over 22 million monthly users. Similar to other games in this category you have to create your own pet, feed it, earn coins etc. These coins can be used to buy food, clothes and furniture for your pet

#5 Texas HoldEM Poker
Texas HoldEM Poker
In Texas HoldEM Poker, various tournaments are offered to the players. You can join a tournament at any time and you don't have to exchange real money to play this game!

Do let me know your favourite game on Facebook by dropping a comment below.

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  1. I must say, facebook games are really very addictive, specially the games by Zynga. I was addicted to Mafia Wars, and that I used to play that for hours. But later, I just deleted the members of my mafia from my account and now I just ignore the updates of that game :)

    The only solution for getting out of these games is to delete the members of your family, or neighbours of your farm etc, and removing the application from your account :)

  2. I am personally enjoying the games at facebook with all the top 5 games listed on this article with farmvile being my most favorite too!

    Tracy, Status Now

  3. I just love playing MafiaWars and its so much addictive......... Facebook rocks...........
    Previously used to use Orkut but its losing its charm these days........ :)