Monday, July 06, 2009

Beware of Michael Jackson Virus

After the death of the biggest pop artist Michael Jackson, the search for the term 'Michael Jackson' or 'Michael Jackson songs' has greatly increased on the web. The spammers are taking advantage of this and spreading malware and viruses over internet to capitalize on this trend.

michael jackson

Security researcher at Sophos have warned people against Jackson spam and viruses. This virus is spreading via email containing the subject line “Remembering Michael Jackson”. The email contains zip file claiming to have secret songs and photos of Michael Jackson. People download the file and their PCs get infected. The e-mail claims to come from

This malware also spreads via USB devices. There is another email spreading viruses which claims to have the exclusive YouTube video of the last work of Michael Jackson.

All the readers of TechacK should be very cautious and not open such kind of E-Mails.

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