Sunday, July 12, 2009

Google Chrome OS What to expect

Google has already announced that it is going to build Google Chrome OS. This Operating System is being designed especially for small netbooks and notebooks. I don't think that one should expect it to be a Windows killer straight away. Possibly, not in the next 5 years. Here are some features you can expect in Google Chrome OS:

    Google Chrome OS
  1. Pre-Bundled with Google Desktop Search and other Google products.
  2. Serving contextual ads in every folder. :D
  3. Presence of the “I am feeling lucky”button. (How can you forget it!)
  4. All the Microsoft product will be marked as suspicious. :P
  5. Google Chrome OS will be in Beta stage till 2020 (or maybe even more) =))
    What features do you think it will have besides those mentioned above? Let us know via comments.

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    1 comment:

    1. Dude first of all you have to know a lot about Google,Google is not a competetor for Microsoft,Microsoft is just a KID infront of Google,Do you know who is the Top Advertiser in the world,Do you know who is the Top Publisher in the World,Do you know who Delivers its every applications as free of source, Instead of that if they put any advertisements, i think its not a big bad thing. So Before Commenting on Anything first of all Know About it.