Wednesday, April 01, 2009

RapidShare Manager - RapidShare Windows Download / Upload File Manager

Rapidshare has introduced Windows based Rapidshare manager that allow users to upload and download files to and from on with a new size of 4000 MB per file. However, this rapidshare is gather for premium account user easily downloading and uploading from Rapidshare network.

On Rapidshare Manager interfaces, users can add, remove, pause and resume file transfers and select bandwidth limits for uploads and downloads files from Rapidshare. The interface shows the file name, size, speed, time remaining and progress completion bar.

Features include :
  • Add or remove files downloads from the upload/download list
  • Pause and resume file transfers
  • Control Bandwidth speed and number of simultaneous downloads
  • Register rsm:// protocol for Rapidshare Manager
  • 100MB limit for free accounts and 4GB limits for paid accounts
A nice utility for the Premium users.

NOTE: Ms .NET 2.0 Framework required prior to installation.

Download RapidShare Manager

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