Thursday, August 24, 2006

Convert PDF to HTML - Free Online Conversion

How to instantly convert PDF documents to HTML without installing any third-party software like Adobe Acrobat or PDF2HTML? The answer is pretty simple. Just use G-Mail:-

*Compose a new message in GMail.

*Attach any PDF or Word document that you want to convert to HTML.

*Enter your own email address in the To: box and click send.

*You instantly receive a message in your GMail Inbox folder. Open the message and click the "View as HTML" link next to your attachment.

*The contents of your attachment appear as HTML in a new browser window without having to download the file. close the new browser window to return to Gmail or Save the file to your harddrive.

In addition to PDF, you can also convert all Microsoft Office Document formats (MS Word .doc, Excel .xls, Powerpoint .ppt, Rich Text Format .rtf), Document Formats (Writer, Calc, Impress, Presentation) and WML Files (Wireless markup language) to HTML.

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