Thursday, October 06, 2005

Top 100 products

PC World has published its top 100 best products of 2005. Some programs really deserved getting a high rank like G Mail and Firefox while some have really got a low rank and I think that they must get a high rank. So here is the list at a glance:-

Firefox(1), GMail(2) (Knew it!), OSX 10.4(3), Alienware Aurora 5500(6), Skype(8), PalmOne Treo 650(10), Google(16)(Wow! Is Google a product?), PSP(19), GeForce6600GT(20), Ubuntu(26), iTunes(34), Half-Life 2(38), Wikipedia(60), ThinkPad X41(67), Mac Mini(75), Acronis True Image(83), Opera(88). Surprisingly, there is only a model of IPod in the list and that too is IPod Photo at 78 rank. Bad luck Apple.

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