Thursday, August 18, 2005

Google Hacks The best tips and tricks

Ok So my quest to provide u with useful info is on. Ans here goes the Vol-I of some specially collected Googlee Hacks for you!


If you're the type who appreciates visual displays of information, you're bound to like the TouchGraph Google Browser ( This Java applet allows you to start with the pages that are similar to one URL, and then expand outward to pages that are similar to the first set of pages, on and on, until you have a giant map of URLs on your screen.

Track Stocks

Among the lesser-known Google syntaxes is this one! Searching for stocks:, where symbol represents the stock you're looking for, will redirect you to Yahoo! Finance ( for details. The Yahoo! page is actually framed by Google; off to the top-left is the Google logo, along with links financial sites.

Search Article Archives

Not all sites have their own search engines, and even the ones that do are sometimes difficult to use. The trick is to use a common phrase to find the information you're looking for. Let's use The New York Times as an example. if I wanted to find articles on George Bush, why not use:
"george bush"
This will indeed find you all articles mentioning George Bush published on

Search for multiple queries

Search Grid ( lets you explore a wide range of Google search results by automatically searching for the various possible combinations of your keywords.

The version of Search Grid features a grid that you fill with search words that you want to combine. You might, for example, put catsup, mustard, and pickles on the x-axis and relish, onions, and tomatoes on the y-axis,Search Grid combines the results—relish catsup, relish mustard, relish pickles, onions catsup, onions mustard etc. and provides you with the first result of each possible combination

Get info instantly about various years!

Do u want 2 determine the year in which Einstein was born? Then this trick is espically for u! Use FindForward ( for such a query.Let's say, for example, we search for Chernobyl, site of a terrible nuclear power plant accident in April 1986. Enter the search term—in this case, chernobyl—in FindForward's search box and choose a range of years from the pull-down menu to the right and Voila! u get the result u wanted.

Beyond Google's Advanced Search...
Well if you can't remember the various search syntax then Soople is the solution for u. By providing you with prefabricated yet flexible specialized search forms, Soople helps you concentrate on your reference task and not on building syntax.

So you liked these tips n tricks? So u want more....Right? OK Then what u have to do is wait till I prepare the Vol-II of this Google Hacks and plz. do comment on my work.


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