Monday, August 15, 2005

Beat the keylogger

I just found this intersting piece of information so I decided why not share with u??

Purpose of a Keylogger

Main purpose of keylogger is to trap passwords and usernames.
Use your brain and keylogger is fooled that’s another example that proves that man is dominant over machine.

FooliNG a KEYloGGer

I was thinking one day about the keyloggers. Indeed good software to trap passwords. But if it is good
for someone then it is also bad for someone. So if we look towards a looser’s prospective it can bring his life to a stand still. Imagine a guy was typing his credit card number followed by his password
and a keylogger logs it and sends it to wrong hand then that guy will be sure on roads begging..

There are two ways in which you can fool a Keylogger



Imangine the password is : techackrocks

Ok you have a PC at home right and there is no keylogger installed in it. Type your password at home and save it in a text file and carry that text file in a floppy.

You have to use that password somewhere like you have to check you mail in

open the text file in which you have saved you password then press ctrl+c (remmember that the password should be selected).
What we have done is copy now go the text field and press ctrl+v (paste).

Cool you have fooled the kelogger, the poor key logger would just have logged c and v since it can’t log crtl key.Do remember to clear the clipboard.



The above trick can be a bit dangerous if someone get’s that floppy with your password.
The second and the last trick is the best and will work on any PC. even if there is a keylogger installed on it. But this a bit time consuming.

Let’s take the password as firE19@

see this password contains a small letters, capital letter, number, and a special chracter.

So what ever your password may be it will have one or more of the following type.

So you have to paste the password firE19@.

so we type a message like this.

Etti was a fat lady
she brought some butter
the butter was bitter
so she brought
some more better butter
to make the
bitter butter bitter.

ok you have typed the above text now we have to copy one character at a time and paste it into the text box got it !! I will tell you how.

Our password is firE19@

1)so our first alphabet if ‘f’ copy the ‘f’ from the word ‘fat’ and paste it into the password box.
and likewise the others

Hope u liked the info! Credit goes to cooljeba for provinding the info!
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  1. Good info. But if someone is intent on hacking into a web service in which you have membership such as Hotmail etc it's almost impossible to stop them. There are apps like BruteForce that simply use, well, brute force when hacking passwords. They simply go thru every possible letter/number/character combo until they hit the right one. It's time consuming but quite effective. A really important safeguard is to change your password often.

  2. Just to follow up my previous comment I realize the topic of your post was "keyloggers" which is actually something different from what I was talking about. I just thought I'd throw the "change your password often" item in there.

  3. no problem....thx ofr ur comment. Keep them coming!