Saturday, February 14, 2009

RipDev Releases iPhone Anti-Piracy System

RipDev has released a new iPhone anti-piracy system to prevent iPhone Applications and Games from getting cracked by Crackulous, named Kali Anti-Piracy the service lets iPhone developers protect their work from getting cracked and pirated. The Kali anti-piracy system is a server-side service allowing developers to wrap their applications using the anti-piracy wrapper for protection from crackers, RipDev team also assured that underground hacker communities and trends will get constantly monitored to make sure that Kali anti-piracy system remains effective and uncrackable.

To make iPhone applications uncrackable the developer need to purchase Kali protection and use the downloadable SDK to protect their work, developer's unique product code will get automatically processed by the Kali Anti-Piracy algorithm and if the product gets pirated it will cease to launch or function properly.

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